Anton Moyseyenko
Co-founder GiveMeALift
SmartCity Kyiv - форточка возможностей

Просяник Дарья
Руководитель программы Microsoft CityNext в Украине
CityNext или как Microsoft строит электронные города

Kustrzynski Tomasz
Technical Project Manager at Shazam
Shazam has been growing very fast recently. A lot of this growth happened in the engineering department at London HQ where our mobile apps are being developed. This talk will go into technicalities of project management techniques we use to keep 100+ MAU a month happy while maintain agility and respond to rapidly changing market situation. We will talk about data driven Kanban, flow, visual standups, changing requirements and structure of our teams. We will show what metrics we care about, how we measure them and what we do with the results. (You’ll also learn why [Heathrow] Terminal 6 is so important for all this.) You should expect some observations about development of state of art apps useful from product/project manager’s and developer’s perspective.

Цикунов Виктор
Developers and Platform Evangelism Lead в Microsoft Украина
Прогнозирование будущего с Azure Machine Learning.

Непьюк Владимир
Cоучредитель и CTO - аналитическая платформа для ритейла.